A piece of West Coast First Nations history and culture is captured in each of these uniquely handcrafted figures.

The Coast Salish Kingfisher Dancer

The Haida Peace and Welcome Dancer

The Mowachaht Maquinna Whaler


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The Coast Salish Kingfisher Dancer

Coast Salish KIngfisher Dancer

The Coast Salish people were occupants of the coastal areas from the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia, Canada, to Campbell River in the north on Vancouver Island, to the State of Washington in the south.

Along with their more northern neighbours such as the Haida, the Coast Salish developed a complex, sophisticated society based on trade, elaborate art and architecture. Engraving, sculpture, dance, storytelling, music and oratory were used in all religious and ceremonial practices. As a result, they present a time-honoured culture that is very complex in social organization and very rich in artistic expression.

The Coast Salish traditional way of life displays a fine and fulfilling balance between men, women, and the natural and supernatural worlds.

The Coast Salish Kingfisher Dancer is featured as a Spirit Guide, which makes a brief appearance in the modern day ceremonial potlatches. The Kingfisher is often depicted with its favorite meal, some type of fish or salmon.

The Kingfisher Dancer was modeled from a live model and cast in fine quality, hand tinted porcelain by artist Leasa Robson. The dancer features hand sculptured and painted facial features, glass eyes and natural hair. The Kingfisher headdress is carved out of yellow cedar and modeled after an authentic Coast Salish Kingfisher mask by Coast Salish carver Marvin Thomas. The original mask is used today during modern day ceremonial potlatches. The dancer also features a Salmon Tail Paddle carved out of Yellow Cedar. This paddle has been hand painted in the traditional red and black colors. The dancer is adorned with an authentic button blanket dancer¹s regalia designed by Coast Salish artist Kristina Britnell. The regalia displays the contemporary Salmon Crest design, exquisitely detailed in Mother of Pearl buttons. A contemporary feather design is featured on the dancer¹s skirting which is detailed with hand stitched Mother of Pearl Buttons.



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Coast Salish KIngfisher Dancer - Close Up of Head Dress

Coast Salish KIngfisher Dancer - Close up of Paddle

Coast Salish KIngfisher Dancer - Close up of Robe.