A piece of West Coast First Nations history and culture is captured in each of these uniquely handcrafted figures.


The Coast Salish Kingfisher Dancer

The Haida Peace and Welcome Dancer

The Mowachaht Maquinna Whaler


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Artist Statement

Leasa Robson grew up on southern Vancouver Island surrounded by the natural beauty of the vast Pacific Ocean, bordered by the Coastal Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula.

The driving force to become a sculptor was inspired by being a third-generation artist, her surrounding environment and the inner desire to be deeply connected to nature.

Leasa’s education in sculpting began nearly 20 years ago. In 1988 she studied with professional sculptor Peggy Walton Packard from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In 1989 she ventured south to Los Angeles to receive instruction from professional figurative sculptor Lewis Goldstein. Two years later Leasa traveled across the Atlantic to train with professional figurative sculptor Martine Vaugel of New York at her studio in France.

A long-term fascination with the mysterious and dynamic art of the First Nations people on the West Coast of Canada inspired Leasa to transform clay into a young masculine native figure. These fine art pieces are cast in fine-quality, hand-tinted porcelain. Each figure features hand-sculpted and painted facial features, glass eyes and natural hair.

Over the last several years Leasa has worked closely with a number of wonderfully talented Canadian West Coast First Nations artists to collectively capture in detail some of the most exquisite historical and contemporary regalia. The result have produced art pieces costumed in authentic dress representative of the Canadian West Coast First Nations culture.


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